Wooden doors are distinguished by their distinctive artistic nature, beautiful color and relationship with the mass of the building structure as the architectural effect that pleases the eye of the onlookers and distinguishes the building with distinctive features. The types of doors used in homes, hospitals and hotels vary according to the purpose of use and the features to be obtained. Knowing the type of wooden door and the type of wood used is one of the important things in the process of buying the right door for you, because the type of door plays an important role in the price.
Among the wood species used in the manufacture of doors; makno, oak, walnut etc. Carving on the door can be used to decorate with certain shapes and drawings. Some distinctive wooden shapes can also be mounted on it to give it more beauty. Its cost is higher than other door types. Such doors are characterized by their luxury, weight and strength, and therefore are often used in large luxury palaces and villas.

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