About Wood
Wood is divided into two as natural hard wood and natural soft wood. As the name suggests, softwood is weaker than hardwood and has a lower durability factor, but these characteristics are not clear and generalizable.
Soft wood is also divided into untreated soft natural wood and industrial soft wood.
Softwood, whether treated or untreated, originates from pine or from other species such as white pine, fir, Swedish, yellow fir, pino, Turkish spruce, etc.
Softwood is generally cheaper and lighter than hardwood, but has appropriate durability and resistance in manufacturing processes depending on where they are used.
Natural hardwood: It originates from the family of flat-leaved trees such as oak, beech, mahogany, teak, walnut etc.
Hard wood is more expensive than soft wood and has its own characteristics and is used in production according to the features required by the product, the desired shape and technical value.
Hardwoods generally have great resistance to weather changes, high resistance to loads, and excellent resources to control dimensions and decorations.
Wooden furniture is the most widely used in the world because of the ability to control decoration, shape and size.

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